Advocis launches first ever TV commercial to promote Financial Advice for All

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On Monday, May 15, 2017, Advocis’ first ever TV commercial will launch on several television channels in Ontario: CITY-TV, CBC Toronto, and FOX 29 (WUTV). Our 30-second spot will air at various times on those three channels throughout a period of four weeks, ending Sunday, June 11, 2017.

This well-crafted and attention-grabbing commercial promotes our Financial Advice for All campaign, aiming to bring the issue of the CSA's proposed regulatory changes and potential ban on embedded commissions to the general public. The goal of the ad is to make the average Canadian aware that these regulatory changes have the power to severely limit their access to quality, affordable financial advice — and we hope the commercial will spur them to take action and send a letter to their provincial politicians to let the government know that these changes are unacceptable.

For television broadcast purposes, we've chosen to focus attention on Ontario specifically because our battle on this issue has been particularly challenging in Ontario. The commercial will be broadcast nationwide digitally as a pre-roll ad on YouTube and on Google as well, however, targeting Canadian adults from coast to coast.

The commercial is currently available to be viewed on our Advocis YouTube channel, here.

Please share this link to our commercial on your own social media, send it to your colleagues, and spread the word wherever you can!

For a tentative schedule of when the commercial will air and on which television channels, click here.