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We would like to wish you a very happy long weekend celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. We have so many reasons to be a proud Canadian and we wear it with pride and humbleness. 


Enjoy the long weekend with family and friends and celebrate all things red and white.


Canadians are generally loved by most of the world, because we’re not aggressors but rather protectors and aiders. We’re polite, friendly and hospitable; especially if you “Come from Away,” or from aboot.

We’re also the only nation in the world whose first letter of their alphabet is also a question. Eh?

We can be proud to say that Canadian Frederick Banting discovered insulin, Alexander Graham Bell (although originally from Scotland) invented the telephone and Reginald Fessenden brought us AM radio.

We gave the world basketball, lacrosse - although invented by Indigenous people before there was a Canada. We are the home of modern day hockey and with it the hard cup jockstrap. And if you think that doesn’t mean much, well, then you’ve never played street hockey and had a shot hit you square in the ballpark.

We invented the Wonderbra and Canadarm; developed by men so they could learn how to undo the clasp.

Of course, being Canadian, we are responsible about snow so we invented the snowblower and the snowmobile. This probably came via a government subsidy to Bombardier.

Credit Canadians for pablum, peanut butter and the bloody caesar; the natural flow of life’s ingestions.

We are the birthplace of Trivial Pursuit, Superman and Mary Pickford – actress and co-founder of United Artists Films, also known as “America’s Sweetheart,” along with the Robertson screw and the government screw.

We savour Quebec’s Tourtiere (pay no attention to poutine. That’s just something you consume when you’re drunk or hungover.)

Prince Edward Island is the home of “Bud the Spud.” Our territories offer up outstanding wild game and fish, and oh, by the way, Americans, our pickerel beats your walleye no matter what colour. That’s right colour – with a “u.”)

People flock to Vancouver for a plate of B.C. blueberries or B.C. buds.

We birthed the Macintosh apple, the Yukon Gold potato, and canola, developed from rape seed. Rapeseed? Try selling that for salad dressing.

We also have more fresh water lakes than anywhere in the world. Right, Nestle?

Sonar, IMAX, the prosthetic hand, the pacemaker and even Easy Off oven cleaner came from Canadian laboratories. And let us not forget we’re responsible for K-Tell Records. Come on admit it, you bought them.

And if you’ve ever had one of those “I wish this vacation would never end” experiences, take a drive through the prairies and it won’t.

So even though we don’t always have a great landlord, it’s still the best country in the world. Happy birthday, Canada!  (Source:http://www.torontosun.com/2017/06/24/lots-to-be-proud-of-on-canadas-150) 

Another great article: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/canada-150/great-canadian-innovations-read-the-globes-fullcoverage/article35459372/